How You Can Contribute

Business and Start-ups

Be a ‘Technology Partner’ and help us to support cities in developing innovative solutions for resilience building

Institutions and NGOs

Be a ‘Knowledge Partner’ with URU/ NIUA and help us build the discourse and momentum on ‘urban resilience’ in India, curate good practices and success stories, and build local capacities.


Join our ‘Knowledge Platform’ and provide robust, cutting edge, research-based resilience building solutions to cities across India

Donor Agency

Support a city or business in developing and implementing resilience building ‘solutions’ such as data observatories; support URU/NIUA in building knowledge networks and local capacities, mainstreaming national policies and programs, and build the urban resilience movement in India.

City Manager

Bring ‘urban resilience’ to your city. Read about the good practices and resilience building techniques being used in India and beyond, and tell us what works and does not work for your city. Share your experience with other cities